What makes experiential tourism and Veneto a perfect match?

Experiential tourism has exploded in the tourism industry offering more than just housing to tourist but a whole experience with the people and the places they are in. Now that travellers have more global access than ever before they are searching for deeper connections and a better understanding of their travel destinations.

Experiential tourism has comfortably taken the driving seat in this gap in the market. Many of these travellers are in search of interpersonal encounters with the people of these areas and they are yearning for an understanding of what makes these locations the places they are. This opportunity to connect on an emotional level happens, not only through conversations with the locals but, through experiencing and comprehending the culture and history of the area.

Therefore, as experiential tourism has its focus on the people, culture and history of an area, Veneto is the perfect location. It has a rich history with internationally famous cultural landmarks and a proud people who want to unpack this knowledge to those who seek to discover it.

Veneto – The experiential goldmine

Venice is the main attraction to those visiting Veneto or even Italy, it’s a scenic man-made landscape which draws in backpackers from all around the world. Venice is filled with historic religious buildings that will leave even the most well-travelled individuals in awe. Just venice alone has 824 ‘Things to do’, according to Tripadivsor, the largest travel website in the world.

This offers the tourists a chance to marvel at the church’s spectacular architecture on an aesthetic level but also displaying the city’s glorious history. Those coming to the historic island will also have the opportunity to experience sightseeing in a more relaxed and unique way by cruising through the canal on world renowned gondolas. Airbnb with their new initiative Trips’ offer many more of these experiences not only in venice but around the region.

However, the region of Veneto doesn’t just offer city-break tourism, the region is diverse and it offers the opportunity to experience natural beauty as well as man-made. Belluno is a province in northern part of Veneto and here tourists will have incredible experiences whilst being surrounded by unbelievable views of Dolomite mountains. Tourists will be able to experience the province in active ways such as hiking, mountain biking and paragliding or in a more relaxed manner, for example, going to the thermal spas or sailing on one of the small lakes located in this picturesque outdoors paradise.

Who is taking advantage of experiential tourism?

Travel companies and experience projects in the area have already started to take advantage of the rich region and what is has to offer to the world of tourism. Veneto Secrets is the first luxury travel company in the region with a heavy focus on experiential tourism, specialising in experiences with local cuisine and artistic tours, with an underlying importance on historical value. They evaluate these experiences, in which there are around 100, to ensure their customers receive the best the region can offer, and some so unique that even some locals are unaware of.

Confartigianato – A project supporting experiential travel

The Confartigianato project is compelling evidence that the Veneto area is subject to these unique experiences. This project brought artisan craft enterprises from all over the region to hold a workshop for travellers, with the aim to make these visitors feel welcome and to be immersed in their culture of art, history and work. This offered tourists the chance to learn and create their own experiences in artforms from cooking to carpentry.

What does this mean for Artès?

Artès is highly involved to deliver memorable experiences in Veneto giving tourist the best opportunities to become the protagonists of their own story and journeys in a region where there are many different routes of adventure to take.

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