“Trotula De Ruggiero” first Lady of the Salerno Medicine of the 11th century

"Trotula De Ruggiero" first Lady of the Salerno Medicine of the 11th century

Salerno – Campania

Where it takes place


Meeting place

Public gardens of the Villa Comunale, next to Teatro Verdi,
Via Roma


on foot


from 3 to 4 hours


Botany, medieval history and history of medicine


According to the needs of cost and duration for adults, families, individuals and groups up to 20 people

The Story to live together

Salerno year 1099 d.c., Sibilla Da Conversano is dying for having sucked the poison from the wound of her husband Robert II Duke of Normandy struck in battle during the first Crusade. Fortunately, Trotula De Ruggiero, one of the first female doctors in Italian history, does not give up and involves her students in the preparation of a powerful antidote obtained from the mixture of healing herbs collected in the Garden of Minerva.
But now don’t hesitate, we need you too! Come at the ninth hour of the morning at the Villa Comunale in Salerno and don’t forget to bring a cruet for analysis!

Clelia, Experiential Tourism Operator

Hi, I’m Clelia, a cultural designer and art historian.I will introduce you to the medieval time and the life of Dr. Trotula. You will be dressed as a student of the Salerno Medical School, learning to recognize plants and healing herbs in the Botanical Garden.

Lingua parlata ItalianoInglese

Artès Clelia

What we can do together

  • Meeting with Clelia and immersion in the Story
  • Learning the basic techniques of medieval medical analysis
  • Entertainment and walk along the streets of the old town
  • In the Garden of Minerva searching for herbs with the help of an expert
  • Tasting of herbal teas and delivery of certificates to “university students”



Please note

Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
Recommended period from March to October.
Comfortable clothing for the visit to the botanical garden.

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