Summer Universiade 2019 Naples

Summer Universiade 2019: Experiences and Opportunities in Naples for Travel Agents

The regional capital of Campania and a top tourist destination in Italy, Naples will host the Summer Universiade 2019. The city itself has myriad attractions, but this massive event will draw in an entirely different demographic and offers a unique Naples experience.

Inhabited by the Greeks in the 2nd millennium B.C., Naples is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. Its history is exceptionally rich, its cultural heritage plentiful and its culinary legacy renowned around the world. Naples, in other words, is always a fantastic place to visit.

Here, you’ll find Europe’s largest historic city center, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Naples is also the birthplace of pizza, a fact that on its own can carry an entire tourist industry. On top of that, Naples offers easy access to Mount Vesuvius and the world-famous Roman ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

This is all to say that Naples is a superb destination in Italy all year round. However, with the Summer Universiade 2019, there’s even more to see and do in the city. It will be a Naples experience of epic proportions.

What Is the Summer Universiade 2019?

A combination of the Italian words “Università” and “Olimpiade”, the Universiade is a massive sporting event for university students from around the world. The first edition was held in Turin in 1959 and ever since, it has been organized every other year in a different city. In 2019, the Summer Universiade will take place in Naples.

In terms of the number of participants, competitiveness and relevance, it comes second only after the Summer Olympic Games. Attending it is a huge deal among athletes in various disciplines, from football (soccer) and basketball to judo and taekwondo to tennis, sailing and gymnastics. It’s basically the Olympics for university students.

In 2019, the Summer Universiade in Naples will take place from July 3 to July 14.

Summer Universiade 2019: 3 Opportunities for a Unique Naples Experience

An event of this gigantic magnitude presents tour operators with unique opportunities. While the regular summer vacationers will still visit as well, there is the additional thousands of visitors who will travel to Naples mainly to attend the Universiade. As a tour operator, you’re encouraged to seize this exceptional chance to increase your customer base, review ratings and, of course, revenue.

1. Naples Will Become a Different City During the Summer Universiade 2019

When hundreds of athletes from all over the world, along with their coaches and fans, descend on Naples in July, the city transforms. It becomes a different, sports-mad city. This gives tour operators the opportunity to offer a uniquely original trip to Naples.

2. The Event Attracts Sports-Addicted Travelers

You can also cater your offerings, tours and packages to the more active visitors. Many will at least have an affiliation with sports, while a large percentage of them will practice some sport or the other themselves. Include activities like hiking, cycling or other physical exercise in your itinerary to attract those new, temporary visitors.

3. Visitors Can Experience the Intrinsically Passionate Nature of Italians

There’s definitely some truth in the stereotype that Italians are passionate people. Especially the people of Naples are known to be quite warm-blooded, which is sometimes undeniable during home games of the Napoli football team. When a big sports events like the Summer Universiade 2019 comes to town, that provides fantastic new Naples experience opportunities for tour operators and visitors alike.

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