Spring season stories to live in Italy

Spring in Italy is coming and so the desire to start traveling again: this shiny season pushes us naturally towards outdoor activities to enjoy the warm Italian sun, the buzzing nature, the scents and colors of the season.

Italy is the ideal destination to organize outdoor activities and trips with friends and family while enjoying the Italian culinary traditions at the same time.

From the Northern regions to the Southern corners of the country, there are so many untapped destinations your customers can visit to experience the Italian territory and its natural beauty.

Artès is always committed to creating original and quality experiential products: our format “stories to live together” is dedicated to all your customers who want to avoid mass tourism experiences and classic routes. Our experiential products are specifically designed to highlight the most unknown destinations in the most enriching experience for your customers: this is where the contact with nature and people plays still on authentic and unspoiled notes.


Why should everyone look for the most unknown places in Italy in Spring?

Italy is not just about Venice, Florence, and the other world-known cities. We know it feels almost impossible to come to Italy and miss the most iconic places and cities; nonetheless, our country has so much more to offer that your customers will surely deeply appreciate.

The tiny details you can only find in a village, the unknown districts, the unspoiled valleys: this is part of the Italian peninsula soul and this is what makes it a far more beautiful, intriguing and appealing place than any other mass tourism destination. Italy is definitely made for “travelers”, not “tourists”: travelers come to visit and enjoy our beautiful country to learn more, see more, taste more and definitely feel more alive than ever.

If your customers are looking for the opportunity to live unforgettable experiences in Italy during Spring season, we at Artès suggest 2 of the smallest regions of Italy: Umbria and Friuli Venezia Giulia. These regions are natural treasure chests of biodiversity and peace and a place where everyone’s soul can get rid of stress and enjoy magic moments of quiet.


Umbria: the green heart of Italy that shines in Spring season

Umbria is mostly known for its art and sacred places is the homeland to the artist Giotto and to St. Francis. In Spring, Umbria shines fare more than in any other season. If your customers are passionate about nature and photography, they should definitely join our Operator of Experiential Tourism Elena for a day in the WWF Oasis of Alviano to participate to the Great Photographic Contest in the WWF Oasis of Alviano.

The Alviano Oasis, located near Terni, is one of the most beautiful WWF Parks in Italy: it’s a wild and unspoiled territory of 900 hectares and it’s among the largest areas in Italy. The Oasis is an example of a perfect mix between man and nature: the construction of the dam on the Tiber for producing electricity purposes gave birth to a new lake that – in only ten years – has become the house of incredibly rich fauna and flora.

Rare birds such as cranes, wild geese, osprey, and many others: Spring is the best season your customers should go birdwatching! In fact, this is the period of migration and it’s the time of the year when the highest number of different species can be found.

The project of natural enhancement of the area has led to the creation of an oasis that welcomes animal and plant species and, at the same time, is fully equipped for visitors. 7 km of trails among unspoiled nature, 12 huts for “birdwatching” and a path accessible to disabled people is available too in the park for everyone to enjoy an immersive and totalizing naturalistic journey.

Let your customers join Elena, our Operator of Experiential Tourisme, to live a day of photographic safari and participate in a fantastic photo contest! Click here to find out more on the Great Photographic Contest in the WWF Oasis of Alviano.


Friuli Venezia Giulia: the beauty of the mountains and the sea in the Spring season

The mountains and the sea, the Dolomites and the Bora, the San Daniele ham and the Refosco. Friuli Venezia Giulia is a region that very few people really know, nonetheless, it’s incredibly rich in naturalistic attractions.

For those who love hiking and walking, spring is the ideal season to enjoy Friuli with our Operator of Experiential Tourism Selene.

Your customers can meet Selene at Piancavallo, a district of Aviano. Situated on a large and sunny plateau north of Pordenone, Piancavallo is an ideal destination for sports and outdoor activities lovers. The town is mostly known for its ski resort and for hosting the alpine ski races as well as important cycling competitions.

Backed by a breathtaking natural setting, Selene, our Experiential Tour operator, will guide your customers through a hike along the panoramic path Pian delle More and to the roads that lead to Essence in Piancavallo – but she’s not alone: with her, there will be Alfio and his donkey.

Selene is an aromatherapy expert, and together with Alfio, they will teach your customers how to recognize medicinal plants and flowers as well as how to groom their friendly donkey, for a full immersion into the natural side of the Italian traditions. They lead to essence of Piancavallo: the deep knowledge of the secret curative effect of nature.


Artès’ ideas for Spring Season in Italy are not over yet

Artès is the leading experiential tour provider in Italy: find the most unique and original “stories to live together” for your customers in Umbria and Friuli Venezia Giulia and be the first travel agency to offer the unknown experiential corners of Italy! 

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