Sicily: 2 experiential tourism Stories that American incoming operators already love

The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily grows in popularity as a travel destination every year. Especially Americans of Italian (Sicilian) descent get more and more interested in visiting the birthplace of their ancestors. For example, the following two stories have been selected by an American Tour Operator that will organize an educational test in Sicily right before meeting JoynPlayce team at the TTG trade show in Rimini.

This clearly shows that experiential tourism in Sicily is on the rise, which is something all travel agents should take note of.

Sicily boasts numerous different attractions and activities. It’s a super-varied destination, offering something to everyone from nature lovers and beach-goers to history buffs and foodies. 

Its millennial-old history is showcased in the amazing Valley of the Temples, while the capital city of Palermo is home to Byzantine mosaics. On the eastern edge of the island, on the other hand, stands Mount Etna, a tall active volcano and an outdoor lover’s paradise. Additionally, countless orchards, wineries and olive groves provide fresh ingredients for delicious dishes.


Sicily, in other words, has everything to make for a phenomenal experiential tourism destination in Italy.


2 Amazing Ideas for Experiential Tourism in Sicily

If you focus on incoming tourism in Italy and your target clientele includes Americans, you might want to take a look at the following two experiential tourism in Sicily packages from JoynPlayce. They have tremendous potential and offer wonderful experiences!


The Kitchen of Monsù, Sicilian Aristocracy of 1800s

Led by a local expert in food production, our Kitchen of Monsù package is a story to live together that immerses participants in the historic culinary traditions of Sicily. In this masterclass of Sicilian cooking, people learn how to choose the ideal ingredients, the best way to prepare and cook them, and even how to set the table properly.

It’s based on the typical culinary evolution of the 1800s. During this time, the Sicilian aristocracy hired French top chefs who blended their own traditions with the classic ways of cooking in Sicily.

This is experiential tourism in Sicily at its very best. Visitors will get the chance to learn about a specific, less known, aspect of Sicilian history, while gathering ingredients, preparing traditional food and, of course, enjoying their self-made dishes.

Italian-Americans who are in love with their grandmother’s cooking will be particularly interested in this experience! In a way, this is part of their very own heritage.

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The Dances of Il Gattopardo at the Palazzo dei Marchesi Pottino

Another wonderful option for an experience that’s ideal for incoming tourism in Italy is the Dances of Il Gattopardo. In this tour, the Mediterranean Itineraries Association has chosen the Palazzo dei Marchesi Pottino is the prime location to film a few scenes for the remake of Il Gattopardo. 

They’ve commissioned an expert in the history of the palace and the life of 19th-century Sicilian nobility to select the extras for the film. Lucky participants will experience what life as a nobleman was like in the Sicily of the late-1800s. They’ll discover the village of Petralia Soprana and the stunning Palazzo dei Marchesi Pottino.

Experiential tourism in Sicily was never as fun as this! Can the participants pass the casting process and secure an acting contract? Each room in the palace serves as the setting for a different scene performed by costumed actors. During their auditions, they’ll learn the historical Il Gattopardo dances, while afterward, they get to indulge in mouthwatering local food and wine.

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Lastly, it’s important to note all these stories to live by are highly customizable. Whatever your customers desire, want or need, we can accommodate. At JoynPlayce we’re all about customer satisfaction and that includes both you as a travel agent and your own clients. We’ll do everything we can to create the absolute perfect experience.

So, if you’re looking for more offerings with regards to incoming tourism in Italy, specifically Americans visiting Sicily, these two stories are fantastic options to have.


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