BITESP 2019: why you should participate in this experiential travel trade show in Italy

BITESP 2019 is a major experiential tourism trade show dedicated to experiential tourism in Italy. This includes everything from hiking and other outdoor food to agritourism, food tourism, wellness retreats and shopping tours. Basically, it covers the entire spectrum of travel experiences in Italy.

Taking place in Venice from November 25 through 27, the 2019 event will be split up into two different parts. There’s the exhibition area on one side and the tourism workshop for sellers and international buyers on the other. As one of the leading organizations of experiential tourism in Italy, it has been chosen as the Training of Innovation Partner of BITESP 2019 .

Networking activities and scheduled meetings will provide abundant opportunities for companies, agents, industry professionals and providers to get to know each other

4 Reasons to Go to the BITESP 2019 Experiential Tourism Trade Show in Italy

1. A Hugely Successful First Edition

The first edition of BITESP took place in 2018. It was a tremendous success, as is shown by its statistics :

  • 2,400+ travel industry professionals
  • 100+ buyers interested in experiential tourism in Italy
  • 340+ sellers (including hotels, DMOs and other providers)
  • 5,700+ scheduled meetings
  • 60+ journalists and bloggers

It’s clear that BITESP 2019 offers enormous opportunities for experiential tourism professionals of all kinds.

2. Experiential Tourism Is on the Rise

The boom in experiential travel is something every travel agency has to be aware of. Experiential tourism is a growing trend. Over the last few years it has been increasing in popularity.

This increase is becoming more pronounced, and is predicted to become almost exponential over the coming years. Experiential travel and tourism has been a key area of growth in 2019 and will surely continue on that path in 2020. Travel agencies and tour operators would do well to be in a position to offer their customers experiential travel in Italy options in line with this trend.

Attending BITESP 2019 is the perfect way to get started or to improve your experiential travel listings and partnerships.

3. There Are 3 Different Events

Besides being a functional event focused on the promotion of experiential tourism in Italy, it is also a lot of fun. Participants can partake in no fewer than three different events.

Travel Academy

The Artès Travel Academy is a training event designed for the hospitality and tourism sector. Specifically, it’s aimed at all kinds of travel professionals. This includes owners and managers of hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, farmhouses, wellness accommodations, but also their employees and individual travel agents and operators.

During the three days, the focus will be on the ever-expanding experiential travel, with in-depth information about new marketing strategies, digital innovation and social media management, and so on.

Storyliving Experience Theatre

Our Storyliving Experience Theatre will teach participants everything they need to know about experiential tourism in Italy. It will take place in BITESP 2019, featuring a platform where a selection of Storyliving products will be presented.

Other local suppliers will go on stage, present their product (s) and share their story with other attendees. They will be able to engage with the audience in a multi-sensory event. This is about experiences, after all!

Travel Experience Festival and Awards

The November 26 Travel Experience Festival and Awards celebrate and honor the creativity and professionalism of experiential tourism providers in Italy. During this fun and lively event, they offer to visitors.

After voting on social media, the most popular videos will be screened during the final event at BITESP 2019. A jury of tourism bloggers and journalists will judge the videos and pick the ultimate best ones.

This year’s three categories are (1) the most exciting experience, (2) the most experiential tourist facility, and (3) the most memorable locations with the most special features.

4. A Great Way to Connect and Create Partnerships

This event draws in thousands of travel experts, wineries, farmhouses, accommodations and other industry professionals. The numbers above clearly show this.

The potential benefits of spending three days in Venice from November 25 through 27 are enormous. Various events, programs, seminars, workshops and meetings are offered to enhance your chances of finding the perfect new partner(s) for your travel business.

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