How to create a professional experiential tourism product: 5 examples from Veneto Region, Italy

The rise of experiential tourism in Italy is undeniable. There’s even an entire event dedicated to this ever-growing niche in the travel industry: the BITESP Experiential Tourism Trade Show. So, as a travel agent or other professional, you might want to look into offering experiential tourism products, too. There is, after all, enormous potential to benefit from.

How to create a professional experiential tourism product: 5 examples from Veneto Region, Italy

The Bitesp aims to become more and more the meeting point of the entire tourism sector that intends to invest in experiential tourism. For this reason, the 2019 edition of the experiential tourism exchange with the collaboration of JoynPlayce is aimed at all categories that can find in experiential quality tourism an opportunity to enhance their business or their product.

Attending this amazing event is essential if you want to start offering, or continue to offer, experiential tourism products. 

It is important to realize that more and more people nowadays choose a destination based on their own preferences, curiosity, interests and passions. They don’t rely on large travel agencies who tell them where to go and what to do anymore.

As such, Internet-age travel providers must take that into account. Experiential tourism in Italy should focus on customizability, location-based tours and packages, environment-friendly activities and so on. There are many factors to consider, most of which will be addressed at BITESP 2019.

One of the best ways to create professional experiential tourism products is our Storyliving Experience Method. This tried-and-tested method is designed to train aspiring tour guides, according to quality standards and a set of rules. This ensures that participants will get an expert guide and will end up with a memorable experience.

The core of our products is the “Story to Live Together” formula, which allows visitors to become a protagonist in a historic tale, set in a particular time period and location in Italy. This Storyliving Experience is at the heart of JoynPlayce as a leader of experiential tourism in Italy.

We can illustrate these “Stories to Live Together” in our wonderful examples from the Veneto Region in Italy.

Experiential tourism examples from Veneto Region, Italy5 Experiential Tourism Examples in the Veneto Region

Treviso: City of Waters, City ​​of Women

Story to Live Together: Sylvie is passionate about talented female creatives and entrepreneurs. For this reason, she received a commission from her friend Cristina, producer of the Treviso movie theater Officine Veneto, to involve particularly sensitive screenwriters in a new film. By grasping stimuli and inspiration from the meetings that Sylvie is organizing, they discover the story of women and places of Treviso that have undisputed value. This is crucial to build the script of the new film that aims to enhance the feminine soul of the “City of Waters”.

Verona Agrifood Delivery

Story to Live Together: Elisa has made her passion for cycling her work and is dedicated to Torricelle agritourism, a splendid hilly area that dominates Verona. She wants to promote local businesses who wish to spread the culture of km0 and allow the consumer to appreciate the special quality of their products, as well as the history of the producers. Elisa has therefore decided to organize the service: “Verona Agrifood Delivery” for a home delivery that reflects amazing products, but also the commitment, dedication, and heart and soul of the producers.

Marco Polo and the Merchants of Venice

Story to Live Together: National Geographic Europe has commissioned Dr. Minù Minelli, a Venetian expert on Marco Polo, to put together a team of specialists and make a scoop on how to organize a commercial trip by sea using the ancient boats used by the Republic of Venice. For the selection of the team, preference will be given to those people who are curious and interested in deepening the Venetian entrepreneurial genius developed over the centuries thanks to mercantile trade.

“Game of Thrones” in Treviso

Story to Live Together: Giovanna, an expert on medieval history, has been asked to accompany a group of screenwriters who have the task of defining the plot of a film that enhances the history of Treviso in the style of “Throne of Swords”, based on a known feud between nobles in the 1300s. Starting from that historical fact, well-illustrated by Giovanna, the writers will have to define the scenes of the storyboard, reproducing snapshots of the places of the ancient feud in, hopefully, a convincing way, because the film will actually be produced and distributed.

Festival of the Venetian Serenade, You Are the Protagonist!

Story to Live Together: Sergio, musician and writer of Venetian songs, has just composed a wonderful love song, a gondola serenade about two lovers. The song would be the perfect candidate for the next Venetian Serenade Festival, but musicians, singers and videomakers are needed to make the video trailer.

We also offer a bunch of other products related to experiential tourism in Italy. For a full overview of all our listings, locations and experiences, and other experiential tourism examples, you can find much more information on our website.