Potions, talismans and fabulous plants of Sauris

Potions, talismans and fabulous plants of Sauris

Udine – Friuli Venezia Giulia

Where it takes place

Sauris (UD)

Meeting Place

Bar Speck&Stube
Sauris di Sopra, 44


on foot


from 2 to 8 hours


Local food, legends, traditions, folklore, nature, typical food and wine, meeting with the “locals”


According to the needs of cost and duration for families, individuals, and groups up to 16 people.

The Story to live together

It seems that the inhabitants of Sauris enjoy longevity higher than the national average and that the secret of this longevity is kept in the use of ancient talismans and potions that the Saurians derive from particular plants cultivated in the ancient gardens of the village. The editor of the magazine “QB” wants to go deep and asked Renzo to put together a research group to discover the details of the secret kept by the Saurians and then disclose the discovery for the benefit of the whole world.

For this enterprise, Renzo gave an appointment to the researchers at the ethnographic museum and it is recommended to bring a smartphone to collect the photo material, videos, and interviews.

Renzo, Experiential Travel Operator

Hello, I’m Renzo, an engineer-architect of Pordenone with a great passion for Sauris, where I live in a beautiful historical house. I will take you to discover the secrets of the products of nature and the use of the ancient herbs of Sauris in contact with locals, farmers, cooks, and all those who guard the stories and legends.



What we can do together

  • Meeting with Renzo and research organization
  • At the Ethnographic Museum meeting with the manager Lucia and immersion in the history of the Saurian lifestyle that is a source of a healthy and long life
  • Collection of fabulous herbs
  • With Matteo and Nicole we discover the secrets of medicinal herbs and learn to make a herbal tea
  • At her home, Armida tells us about the ancient tradition of the local talisman, the “Baipusch”
  • Chef Claudio’s herbal Show Cooking at his typical saurana house
  • Review and presentation of the material collected to the managers of the magazine QB
  • Celebration and tasting of seasonal herbs and local products

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Please Note

Minors must be accompanied by an adult
Please inform us in advance of any food intolerance or allergy.
The program might vary according to seasonal plants.

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