LGBT Travel: the Love for Tourism Experience in Italy

Last June was LGBT Pride Month in countless countries, from the USA and Japan to Germany and, of course, Italy. Numerous events, celebrations and parades took place all over the world, attracting millions of people to many LGBT friendly travel destinations.

An acronym of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and sometimes also Queer, LGBT(Q) stands for the community of people that aren’t heterosexual in the traditional sense of the word. About 7% of adults say that they identify as being part of the LGBT community.

Since this community is one that disproportionately travels more, compared with other communities, and tends to spend more money, they’re a dream come true for travel agents. In Italy, too, there are tremendous opportunities in the LGBT tourism industry.

LGBT Friendly Travel Destinations for Experiential Travel in Italy

Experiential travel in Italy is on the rise as well, which opens up countless doors when it comes to tourism products and services provided to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender travelers. The fact that there’s an official International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association proves that there’s amazing potential in this travel niche. As a travel agent and tour operator, this is a business opportunity you shouldn’t pass up.

Although Italy is a traditionally religious (Catholic) country, there are several LGBT friendly travel destinations in the country. Both Rome and Milan, for example, have been recognized as one of the 15 best LGBT travel destinations.

Additionally, Milan was the setting of a week-long celebration of all things LGBT: the Milano Pride, which took place at the end of June. It’s a testimony to the accepting mindset and culture in major Italian cities like this. Travel companies like yours can capitalize on events like this, as shown by this Halldis campaign, but shouldn’t forget about the year-round opportunities that the growing LGBT travel industry provides. After all, the LGBT community doesn’t just travel during Pride Month; they travel all the time.

When promoting LGBT travel destinations in Italy, however, it is important to keep the message positive. LGBT people continue to suffer from repression and even hate in many places around the world. As a travel agent, you can show your acceptance, non-discrimination and open worldview by offering specialized tours, services, travel packages and so on that focus on the LGBT community. It’s first and foremost the right thing to do, but it’s also simply a smart business decision.

In addition, it’s also good marketing. As this report by Travel Industry Wire shows, your marketing should include LGBT travel in Italy. As a group of people that don’t always experience inclusivity, it’s absolutely critical that you provide an honest welcome, acceptance and security. After all, many people focus on sustainability in their travels nowadays, which includes not only care for the environment, but also looking after (the future of) other people.

The LGBT community is also one that actively looks for travel experiences. And as it happens, Italy is one of the best countries on Earth for experiential travel! From bike rides and cooking classes to walking tours and cultural immersion, Italy boasts an amazing variety of activities and attractions.

We at Artès, too, focus greatly on experiential travel in Italy. We’re a leading tour operator for and authority in experiential tourism in Italy. Many of our “stories to live together” take place in Italy’s most LGBT friendly travel destination. The activities included as well as their customizability to meet the needs of all our customers make them ideal for LGBT people.

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