How to create a professional experiential tourism product: 5 examples from Veneto Region, Italy

The rise of experiential tourism in Italy is undeniable. There’s even an entire event dedicated to this ever-growing niche in the travel industry: the BITESP Experiential Tourism Trade Show. So, … Read More

How JoynPlayce is giving new life to Italy as a destination thanks to Experiential Tourism

Even though the country has always been a tremendously popular travel destination because of its amazing cuisine, spectacular historic architecture and stunning landscapes, experiential tourism in Italy is given it … Read More

BITESP 2019: the events you cannot miss in experiential tourism

After a hugely successful and acclaimed first edition, the BITESP will take place once again in 2019. This International Experiential Travel Trade Show will take place from November 25 through … Read More

BITESP 2019: why you should participate in this experiential travel trade show in Italy

BITESP 2019 is a major experiential tourism trade show dedicated to experiential tourism in Italy. This includes everything from hiking and other outdoor food to agritourism, food tourism, wellness retreats … Read More

JoynPlayce and BITESP for the development of experiential tourism in Italy

After the tremendously successful first edition, the BITESP will take place once again this year. This International Experiential Travel Trade Show will be held in Venice from November 25 through … Read More

Sicily: 2 experiential tourism Stories that American incoming operators already love

The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily grows in popularity as a travel destination every year. Especially Americans of Italian (Sicilian) descent get more and more interested in visiting … Read More

Artès partners with BITESP to develop experiential tourism

Artès, well-known in Italy for being the point of reference in Itay for professional experiential tourism has recently signed and agreement as the Training and Innovation Partner of BITESP, the … Read More

How to find trusted partners to develop an experiential travel offer

The changing nature of tourism and holidaying whereby tourists are looking for an experience rather than an old-fashioned, basic trip, means that travel agents need to find partners to work … Read More

A travel agent’s guide to experiential tourism in Italy

By now, most travel agent’s are not only aware of experiential tourism, but they also understand that this niche market is growing, how much potential it has to develop further, … Read More

Matera: experiential tourism opportunities for travel agents in the European capital of culture 2019

2019 is going to be an exciting year for experiential tourism. Over the years cities everybody has heard of have been the European capital of culture; Liverpool, Dublin, Paris, Madrid. … Read More

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