JoynPlayce “On Air” #20 Find your ideal love at Borghese Gallery in Rome

JoynPlayce “On Air” is the new live broadcast that takes you into the world of the “Storyliving Experience” tourism framework to restart your tourist experience
with something new and off the beaten track  


In this episode we take you to Rome  to find the real soul of Borghese Gallery 

susanna milani

SUSANNETTA CONCIERGE and her “Story to Live Together”

Find your ideal love at Borghese Gallery

The Management of the Borghese Gallery has decided to select an advertising agency able to promote the most intimate soul that connects the works of the Gallery, namely Love.
Is it necessary to make perceive the deep meaning of the emotions that works inspire in people who are sensitive to art and love and what better way than through the use of social media, Facebook and Instagram?

It won’t be easy, so tomorrow, be on time at Villa Borghese with all your creativity, the Management is waiting for you at the entrance of the Gallery with badges to enter.

Presented by

Stefania Joynplayce


 JoynPlayce Art Director