the exam for the vogalonga

JoynPlayce “On Air” #12 Storyliving Experience in Venice

The exam for the Vogalonga

JoynPlayce “On Air” is the new streaming broadcast that takes you into the world of the “Storyliving Experience” tourism framework to restart your tourist experience for 2021
with something new and off the beaten track  

In this episode we take you rowing in Venice!

monica gambarotto

MONICA GAMBAROTTO and her “Story to Live Together”

The exam for the Vogalonga

The rowers of the International Boat Rowing Association decided to take part in this year’s edition of Vogalonga using a typical Venetian boat and the ancient Venetian rowing technique. To enroll in the Vogalonga, however, it is necessary to have passed the admission exam on the Venetian rowers’ register, which includes a theoretical part of general culture, in particular on the world of boats, and a practical part where it is necessary to demonstrate a real skill in the traditional rowing technique.

How can you get ready for the exam? No problem! Monica is ready to start the lesson!

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