JoynPlayce “On Air” #7 Storyliving Experience in Venice July 24th 2020 – 7.00PM Central European Time

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JoynPlayce “On Air” is the new live broadcast that takes you into the world of the “Storyliving Experience” tourism framework to restart your tourist experience in 2021
with something new, really unconventional, off the beaten track  


In this episode we take you to a magical and seductive Venice

monica gambarotto

MONICA GAMBAROTTO and her “Stories to Live Together”

Invitation to the Carnival Grand Ball

The Carnival Grand Ball in Venice is an exclusive party which becomes even more special for guests who know how to dance the fabulous Minuetto. Do you want to earn your invitation for the Grand Ball? Rely in Monica, a Venetian DOC and expert in Venetian Carnival traditions: surely she can help you to prepare yourself to receive the exclusive invitation.
Monica is waiting for you to introduce you to the experts in the Carnival and its traditions: dance masters and costume designers will transform you into an authentic Venetian nobleman of the ‘700.

Casanova Seduction Open Day

Everyone would like to be like Casanova to impress the beloved, times have changed but perhaps the ancient code of seduction can help you even today. Whether you are a man or a woman you have the unique opportunity to take part in Venice at the “Casanova Seduction Open Day”.
Do you want to discover the secrets of Casanova’s world? If you feel ready for this adventure, Monica is waiting for you with everything you need and with a bit of mystery!

Presented by

Stefania Joynplayce


 JoynPlayce Art Director