JoynPlayce “On Air” #15 Unveil Ancient Vineyards in Venice

JoynPlayce “On Air” is the new live broadcast that takes you into the world of the “Storyliving Experience” tourism framework to restart your tourist experience in 2021
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In this episode we take you to

an unconventional and secret Venice

giovanna lorenzon

GIOVANNA LORENZON and her “Story to Live Together”

Unveil Ancient Vineyards in Venice

Giovanna is a historian and researcher from Venice and she has recently discovered that many streets take their name from the wine trade as Venice, from 1300 to 1700, was the largest disposal station of wine in Europe, partly produced inside the city. The news is shocking and to arrive at a detailed discovery, Giovanna summons historian colleagues from all over the world to help her map the history and traditions of this unexpected revelation.

Your knowledge of the history of wine and wine trade in Europe will be very useful. Giovanna is waiting for you at the Church of San Silvestro near Rialto with a map showing the reliefs of all the streets.

Presented by

Stefania Joynplayce


 JoynPlayce Art Director