JoynPlayce “On Air” #10 Storyliving Experience in Padua

Italian Spritz Masterclass

JoynPlayce “On Air” is the new streaming broadcast that takes you into the world of the “Storyliving Experience” tourism framework to restart your tourist experience for 2021
with something new and off the beaten track  

In this episode we take you to
an unconventional and yummy Padua


CRISTINA PISTORELLO and her “Story to Live Together”

Italian Spritz Masterclass

Are you passionate about enogastronomy but you don’t speak a word of Italian? No problem!
Cristina is ready to train you with her masterclass “Italian Food & Spritz Masterclass” where you can learn the Italian terminology that will allow you to move freely in the oldest shops in the center of Padua and you will be able to prepare Spritz by yourself, the traditional Paduan aperitif famous all over the world.

Don’t be shy, take part in this unforgettable experience and don’t worry about the Italian vocabulary, Cristina has already organised everything!

Presented by

Stefania Joynplayce


 JoynPlayce Art Director