JoynPlayce: how to sell Experiential Travel

how to sell experiential travel

How to sell experiential travel? We all know that it is not easy to propose original and high-quality experiential products to clients.
Sometimes the price can be frightening and we don’t have the right resources to explain the value, the professionality, the effort and the distinctiveness behind the product. Experiential travel is not easy to sell.
How many times, during a selling process, we have asked ourselves: “if only I could show what it is going to be…”, sure that if the client could taste just one little bite of what he will be living, the selling would surely be closed.

The catalogue alone is surely not enough, what you tell is not enough… and the undertaking becomes so difficult that many travel agents and consultants prefer to retreat on easier products. They prefer to sell activities you can buy on an OTA rather than finding the solution which better responds to their clients’ needs.


JoynPlayce helps you selling Experiential Travel

When Artès launched the brand JoynPlayce looked at the issue of promoting its Storyliving Experiences, products of a high experiential and emotional value, but very complex to present. The great success of the Storyliving Experience Theatre during the Bitesp travel show  in Venice has been a clear signal of the necessity of letting people try and taste the product.
Thus, stimulated by the lack of travel shows and direct contacts due to the pandemic, and always looking for new ways to propose experiential travel, the format JoynPlayce On Air has been created.

JoynPlayce on AirJoynPlayce On Air

JoynPlayce On Air is the new live broadcast where Storyliving Experiences are presented and where we give the opportunity to meet the Experiential Travel Operators and their partners who give life to the adventure.

The format allows the audience to enjoy the places, the activities and the emotions that participants  live during the experience.

In each episode a different StoryLiving Experience, published on the JoynPlayce catalogue, is displayed. About one hour of full immersion to better understand the Storyliving Experience framework, to deepen in the structure of the product and to collect useful informations to utilize when proposing the Storyliving Experiences to clients.

The episodes are available anytime. The participation during the live show makes it possible to interact with the JoynPlayce staff for doubts or questions and also gives the opportunity to access exclusive promotions. (just for the Italian version, at the moment)

Both live broadcasts and listenings are completely free. JoynPlayce On Air is encountering the agreement of  those travel operators who find that this kind of resource is very useful to get to know the product in order to present it to their demanding clientele. An excellent alternative to the classic fam trip with the advantage of being always available.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t miss the next JoynPlayce On Air episode scheduled for  July 24th at 1.00 PM New York time

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