What Should Not Be Missing in Your Next Experiential Travel Package in Italy – Part 1

The rise of experiential tourism is one of the most noteworthy travel trends this year. More and more travelers seek out fun experiences rather than fancy hotels or exotic beach locations. Memories are made of experiences, after all, so this is a normal, perhaps even long overdue, evolution in the travel industry.

Italy with its ancient history, rich cultural heritage and phenomenal cuisine is one of the world’s best destinations for experiential travel journeys. In fact, most travel experiences in Italy are experiential in nature as they are, whether it’s eating local specialties, sipping world-class wine, admiring a centuries-old building, watching an opera, or hiking along a beautiful coastline. Visiting Italy is all about tasting, smelling, feeling, seeing and hearing.

Experiential Travel in Italy Examples

Countless tours already exist that focus on experiential travel in Italy. However, none of them quite compare to what JoynPlayce has to offer. With our “stories to live together”, we strive to provide a totally unique travel experience in Italy, from Milan and Bologna to less-known destinations like Friuli Venezia Giulia. These tours are immersive, hands-on and led by an experienced guide who has his or her specific passions, which shine through in the activities during the tour.

As a travel agent, you might be interested in these experiential tourism trips from JoynPlayce when organizing your own tours.

Venetian “Carnet de Voyage”

Discover a Venice still undisturbed and untouched by mass tourism on our Venetian “Carnet de Voyage” tour. Guests will learn about the heart and soul of Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The tour includes tons of information about the urban layout of Venice and its architectural intricacies, as well as crossing of the Grand Canal by gondola. Tour guide is Silvia, a Venetian architect who will take participants on a memorable journey through Venice while creating their own “Venetian Notebook”.

Tour Highlights:

  • The “Ghetto”, the Jewish community in Venice
  • Iconic canals of Cannaregio
  • Squero, history of the gondola
  • Tasting of local wine and appetizers

Who Will Guard Michelangelo’s Legacy?

For a tour that focuses on Italian art, we recommend our Who Will Guard Michelangelo’s Legacy? tour. Since the death of the last heir of Michelangelo Buonarotti, his curator Leone Amidei is on the look for another legitimate descendant of one of Italy’s greatest-ever artists. The role of Leone Amidei is played by Giovanni, a guide in Florence who’s exceptionally knowledgeable about Michelangelo. Through his guidance, participants will enter the mind, the life, and the environment in which Michelangelo lived.

Tour Highlights:

  • Via Bentaccordi, location of Michelangelo’s childhood home
  • Bargello National Museum, home to several masterpieces
  • Cappelle Medicee, seven sculptures
  • Casa Buonarotti Museum

The Excellent Frico Friulano of Nonna Marisa

In the less-visited area of Fiuli Venezia Giulia, the Excellent Frico Fiulano of Nonna Marisa tour takes visitors on a culinary journey around Pordenone. Guided by Alessandra, participants will discover and visit the greatest farms and shop in the area, where they’ll gather all the ingredients necessary to prepare a “frico”, a traditional Friulian potato and cheese dish, according to the recipe of Alessandra’s grandmother, Nonna Marisa. The meal is shared together, accompanied by a glass of delicious Friulian wine.

Tour Highlights:

  • Local Chamber of Commerce, food and wine exhibition
  • Sapori del Friuli shop, buying ingredients
  • Latteria di Palse, cheese tasting and buying
  • House of Nonna Marisa, cooking class and meal

Cast out bad luck in Naples with your magic amulet

For an immersion in an often-overlooked characteristic of Napoli, the Take Away the Misfortune from Napoli with Your Amulet Tour dives head first into the legends and traditions of the city. Participants in this tour will learn about the “Monaciello” in the Napoli amulets, which served to protect the locals against misfortune. After exploring Napoli’s hidden alleyways and admiring its sculptural art, they’ll get to make their own personal amulet, a “Pulcicorno”, at the workshop of a renowned Neapolitan artist. Of course, this is all finished off with some amazing Neapolitan pizza.

Tour Highlights:

  • Cultural storytelling in the Napoli city center
  • Atelier of sculptor Ulderico Di Domenico
  • Making of personal amulets, which participants can keep
  • Neapolitan pizza feast

These are just a handful of the experiential travel journeys that we have to offer at JoynPlayce.

Feel free to check out all our other tours on our website for more options, ideas and information.