Italy Will Invest 500 Million in Bike Trails to Boost Tourism

Italy Will Invest 500 Million in Bike Trails to Boost Tourism

With the news that no fewer than 500 million euros will be designated to building cycle routes, bike sharing systems and bike trails in Italy, the country puts itself on the forefront of sustainable tourism.

A 500-Million Investment in Bike Trails in Italy Will Boost Active Tourism

This massive project initiated by the Italian government focuses on long-lasting, zero-emission transportation from the northern corner to the southernmost parts of Italy. It’s a move that will make the country a hugely attractive destination among cyclists. Additionally, it will also make the lives of the locals more pleasant, offering them a healthy and safe way to get around.

As sustainable living and travel are growing in popularity, the demand for options for bike riding in Italy increases. The half a billion euros dedicated to this project will transform biking in Italy. It will result in improved bike trails in Italy, long-distance cycle routes and a wider array of options for cycling tourism, as well as better cycling facilities in urban areas.

Bike Tourism in Italy Already Thrives

Ten cycleway projects are already approved, from the Apennines to Magna Graecia. These sustainable bikeways will eventually link all of Italy, in a sustainable and environment-friendly way. Additionally, no fewer than 80 other city projects have also been funded by the Environment Ministry.

As bright as the future now looks because of this enormous bike tourism boost, bike riding in Italy is already very popular. From professional races like Milan – San Remo and the Giro d’Italia to tourist routes in the Dolomites and Tuscany, cycling thrives in Italy. And it has been for many decades. Now, however, these plans to establish future networks and long-distance bike trails in Italy are bound to give the experiential tourism industry in Italy a massive boost.

A concrete example of what this 500-million-euro investment will accomplish is the sensational and sustainable Tyrrhenian Cycle Route. One of those ten cycleway projects, this epic bike path will run from Ventimiglia to Rome, along the spectacular coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It will connect and link together already-existing bike trails on Italy’s northwest coast.

Taking in the coasts of Liguria and Tuscany, as well as the Maremma, Migliarino-Rosso and Apuane nature parks, it’s set to be one of Europe’s great bicycle journeys. Additionally, there will eventually also be connecting to other long-distance cycling routes in Italy, thus creating extraordinary options for virtually endless biking fun.

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