In the footsteps of the Cimbri with donkeys

In the footsteps of the Cimbri with donkeys

Vicenza – Veneto

Where it takes place

Valdagno, Vicenza

Meeting point

Ciuchinando Farm,
Contrada Mecceneri 1


on foot, accompanied by the donkeys


from 4 to 8 hours


Trekking, nature, contact with animals, history and culture of the Cimbrian people, handicrafts, enogastronomy


According to the needs of cost and duration for families, individuals and groups up to 20 people

The Story to live together

The memory of the Cimbri of the Lessini mountains is likely to disappear so the Local Rural History Research and Conservation Center decided to promote a recognition on the territory to find and map the last traces of the ancient Bavarian-Tyrolean settlers arrived here during the Middle Ages. Barbara has to accompany the expedition of exploring anthropologists who will have to search the area among pastures and ancient districts with her donkeys, to find traces, artifacts and testimonies of the ancient Cimbrian people and fix them forever in memory.
Barbara believes you can help out during this mission and is waiting for you at the farm with her donkeys, remember to bring a compass and pay attention to … “anguane”!

Barbara, Experiential Tourism Operator

Hi, I’m Barbara, I was born and I have always lived in this area, I’m passionate about its history, ancient traditions and walking in nature. With me and other experts you can immerse yourself in the Cimbra culture with my donkeys that will make you rediscover the close emotional and deeply relational bond between man and animal, it will surely be a unique and addictive experience!

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Foto Barbara

What we can do together

  • Meeting with Barbara at her farm, delivering of the map and compass
  • We will learn the basics of donkey leading along the paths of our recognition
  • Meeting with the mysterious “Anguana” at a waterfall
  • Discovering the artifacts of Cimbrian people along the path in the woods, among pastures and ancient districts, listening to the ancient stories directly from the testimony of the locals we will meet
  • Packed lunch or themed one in a typical restaurant
  • Return to the farm to examine the collected material
  • Delivery of the certificate of merit, toasts and celebrations

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Please note

Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
Please inform us of any food intolerance or allergy in advance.
Not suitable for people with mobility impaired, trekking from 9 to 13 km with max 214 meters elevation gain, appropriate footwear and clothing are required.

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