How to find trusted partners to develop an experiential travel offer

The changing nature of tourism and holidaying whereby tourists are looking for an experience rather than an old-fashioned, basic trip, means that travel agents need to find partners to work with who can provide them with unique travel products in areas such as experiential tourism. As this is a relatively new, niche market the travel agent may have difficulty in finding well established partners to work with who are trustworthy, reliable, professional, and of course, who have products their clients are interested in purchasing. But what makes a good partner for a travel agent?

The Checklist

Travel agents need a partner to work who has the following qualities:

  • A good partner must keep up to date with developments in the market by attending both general and nich trade shows and fairs, such as BITESP.
  • Partners also have to offer experiential tourism products which can be customized to fit the needs and desires of individual clients. And of course,
  • Travel agents need to be able to trust their partner, who has to have a good reputation.


Experiential travel trade shows and fairs

We keep up to date with developments in the market, and one of the ways we do this is by attending trade shows and fairs. Indeed, we were at the very first BITESP trade fair which is a travel experience exchange. BITESP stands for Borsa dell’Incoming e del Turismo Esperienziale which translates into English as Incoming and Experiential Tourism Trade Fair. This was a significant event in the experiential travel sector. Approximately 2,421 operators participated at the fair. There were 102 buyers, and 346 sellers in attendance. There were over 400 travel agents present, with more than 50 journalists and bloggers reporting on the on the event which took place over several days in Venice. So as you can see, it was a very busy few days! We took the opportunity to network with all players in the niche market, whether big or small, and we made a lot of useful connections which will help us going forward. And we are planning to attend the next BITESP trade fair in Venice next November.  

Customized offers

We design what we call “Stories to Live Together” following our Artès method. These experiential tourism products and packages are put together in collaboration with people from the local area, and take into account its traditions, culture, and cuisine. We do this while working closely with Artès tour guides who are professionals and experts in their field, who we have helped develop through a programme of training according to our Artès method. Therefore, our experiential tours are highly customized, and because of this offer unique, unforgettable, and inimitable experiences for you to offer your clients. We have customized offers in some of the most famous destinations in Italy, as well as lesser well known spots, catering to your clients experiential travel desires throughout the year, including in winter.

Trusted partner with a good reputation

Travel agents interested in selling experiential tourism products need to know that they can trust the partner they choose to work with. We have been active in this area for as long as any other provider of experiential tours in Italy, and have already established a good reputation for ourselves. We also have a significant amount of positive feedback from travel agents and tour operators, some of which you can see on our website. However, as the English say “the proof is in the pudding”, so the best way to experience our quality service is to do business with us. We are sure you will be more than satisfied, so why not contact us today, and we can begin a great working relationship!