How JoynPlayce is giving new life to Italy as a destination thanks to Experiential Tourism

Even though the country has always been a tremendously popular travel destination because of its amazing cuisine, spectacular historic architecture and stunning landscapes, experiential tourism in Italy is given it an entirely new boost by companies like JoynPlayce.

With the increased popularity of places like Southeast Asia, Australia and South America, all of which are prime experiential tourism destinations, Italy’s tourism sector revives thanks to JoynPlayce’s innovative experience-based products.

This is how we rebrand Italy as a travel destination.

How JoynPlayce is giving new life to Italy as a destination thanks to Experiential Tourism

Experiential tourism in ItalyWe offer a variety of packages, all of which have a strong focus on personal experiences and hands-on activities, combined with a historic and/or cultural feature.

Location-Based and Interest-Focused

One of our key trademarks is the fact that the “story to live together” has to take place in a specific time and location. It must be 100% local and fit the passion and interests of the person who would like to organize such “stories”. This benchmark is included to make sure that only experts can create “stories”, which in turn results in high-quality and in-depth experiences.

So, by training knowledgeable people with a passion for tourism and another key interest, we’ve been able to help Italy get (re)discovered as a travel destination by people from all over the world, from elsewhere in Europe, but also from North America and other continents. Experiential travel is on the rise, and has been for several years now, and all indications are present that experiential tourism in Italy will continue to expand greatly in upcoming years.

With our interest-focused and location-based point of view, we aim to offer final customers, i.e. travelers and tourists, a product and experience that’s as qualitative and memorable as possible.

The Storyliving Experience Method

Our professional, tried-and-tested, and groundbreaking formula allows participants to actually live the plot of a story, effectively becoming the protagonist in an event set on the stage of (local) history.

We call these experiences “stories to live together”, an appropriate name since they are shared by all participants in the tour. In order to provide the best possible tours, they’re set up according to the “Storyliving Experience Framework”. We train tour operators and guides to create their specific experiential tourism product(s) and we do that during training sessions and workshops.

All final products have to follow specific quality guidelines outlined in the “Storyliving Experience Framework”. This is to ensure optimal quality, safety and the structure of the product. By always adhering to those standards, we’re able to offer some of the best packages in the experiential tourism niche in Italy.

Expert Training for Freelancers and Tour Operators Alike

Our target customer base consists not only of new and established tour operators, but also of independent freelancers. Anyone who wants to share their personal passion(s) with visitors can use our proven method, which guarantees the adherence to standards and rules, as well as a narrative rhythm to various stories.

One of our biggest achievements and acknowledgements is the creation of a whole new aspect of experiential tourism. In fact, our project has been recognized by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development. It’s also joined by the ASSOTES trade association (Professional Association of Operators of Experiential Tourism), which offers protection to tourism professionals who have or would like to specialize in this new niche in experiential tourism in Italy.

You can discover a lot more about who we are and what we do, as well as our product catalogue, on our website.