Prenotazioni automatizzate online vs consulenza personalizzata: davvero una lotta impari nel turismo?

Experiential tourism worth 40 billion in Europe

Experiential tourism is becoming more popular both amongst tourists, but also businesses in the tourist sector who have already seen the significant potential in experiential tourism. And it is not only a passing fad. Recent data has shown that more and more tourists are interested in experiential tourism and that the market is worth 40 billion euro in Europe alone.

Experiential tourism is a new approach to tourism, on behalf of the tourist, and the travel agency. It is not about simply arranging a group to go to see Christmas markets in Germany, for example. Rather it is about a group experience involving couples, friends, families, going to experience German culture and traditions through the eyes of local craftsmen. It is a much more interactive which makes a more memorable and unique experience.

What does “experience” mean? What do the tourists want?

Experience, or experiential tourism allows travelers to develop a connection with the region they are visiting, and to understand the locals. It is a unique, singular experience that gives travelers a real insight into the local area. They will also bring home great memories of their trip, having experienced a slice of the local culture firsthand.

Experiential tourism: open to all

Experiential tourism is not only a luxury type of holiday. There are different types of experiential tours, and affordable options for all budgets. Everybody will be able to find an experiential tour that suits them, both in terms of activity, and price.

How experiential tourist agencies are reacting

Both amateur and professional tour operators are reacting to the new reality of experiential tourism. In particular professional tour operators and agencies are beginning to recognize the world of experiential tourism, in Italy and abroad.

The Cna recently requested the minister Centinaio for legal recognition for experiential tourist agencies. They also asked for transport systems to be improved to open up less well known destinations that are still difficult to reach.

The Artès project is working to assist travel agencies in creating, developing, and improving experiential tourism products. Artès is also working towards creating professional standards for experiential tourism as the market develops.

And at the end of November the Italian Incoming and Experience Based Tourism Fair will be held in Venice. The aim of this fair is to expand experiential tourism offers, and to generate interest and more demand for this type of tourism.

In conclusion

Experiential tourism is made possible by the people who create it and make it memorable. This is why it is so well connected to the land, its people, and its local traditions. Experiential tourism allows people to see the world in a different way, and is a completely different type of holiday experience which appeals to people’s emotions. It is not a luxury product, or something difficult to do. People can avail of experiential tourism not far from home, or in different countries, or even on different continents. But it is something that is open to everyone. It is up to experiential tourism agencies to design offers which meet the demands and desires of tourists of different budgets and ideas.

Would you like to transform your tourism offers into unique experiential tours to offer to your clients? Have a look at all of our courses on experiential tourism, or contact us for more information. Artès are ready to help you create real experiential tours which reflect your values, and those of your customers.