Experiential Tourism in Pisa

Going Experiential in Pisa Without the Help of the Leaning Tower While in Italy

Although the Leaning Tower is without question the main Pisa tourism attraction, there’s so much more going on in this vibrant Tuscany city than an architectural failure (which it basically what the Leaning Tower is). If you’re looking for some fun experiential travel in Italy, Pisa is where you’ll find it.

Once you leave the hordes of selfie-snapping tourists at Piazza dei Miracoli behind, you’ll discover a part of Pisa that’s much less known. Overtourism definitely has had an increasingly adverse effect on this rather small city, which is evidenced by the number of skip-the-line tickets that are bought every day. However, you don’t need to contribute to this devastating type of modern-day travel if you don’t want to.

Experiential Travel in Italy: Exploring Pisa Beyond the Leaning Tower

With Artès, you can see what experiential tourism in Pisa is like beyond the Leaning Tower. While a lot of tourists still want to take the iconic “look at me push against the Leaning Tower” photo, many people also look for a quieter, more authentic experience in Pisa.

To offset mass tourism and its negative consequences for cities like Pisa, travel agents might want to offer an entirely new and original way to visit this beautiful destination. This is where Artès comes into play.

Unconventional Pisa Tourism for Foodies with Artès

Pisa is a major city in Tuscany, which means it’s a natural culinary hotspot. Gastronomy and a passion for food are the heart and soul of this city. As a tourist, it would be a shame to completely overlook that and focus only on the famous buildings.

The many “stories to live together” from Artès aim to provide unique and memorable, hands-on experiential travel in Italy. In Pisa, too, you can offer your customers a fantastic “Unconventional Pisa for Foodies” tour. This super-fun tour involves both cuisine and videography, a combination not often, if not never, seen in other Pisa tours.

Organized by Francesca, a food and wine expert with a degree in Cinema Music and Theater, the tour takes participants through the city, while on their contributing to a short film. Francesca has been commissioned by the Pisa Film Association to create a short film about Pisa’s gastronomy. The aim is to provide a glimpse into the “other” Pisa.

With this tour, she brings together a group of 2 to 10 unconventional videographers and filmmakers who will use their smartphones or cameras to capture their experiential travel in Pisa for a day.

Francesca is always happy to show a new Pisa: people joining her “story” seldom want to see the tower, they are fully satisfied with her way to experience the city.

Experiential Tourism in Pisa Itinerary

The tour begins at the Keith Art Shop Caffè. With the storyboard in hand, the group will then walk through the historic city center to Friscu, a well-known cheesemaker in Pisa. A tasting of local dairy products will follow, as well as interviews with the cheesemakers.

Next up is a meeting with We Love Pasta, where the group will learn about traditional ingredients. Additionally, there will also be a review of all the raw footage the participants captured during their day on a video call with the director of the Pisa Film Association. The tour ends with a delicious meal of locally made pasta.

This experiential tourism in Pisa tour is all about capturing all culinary experiences, from dairy products to local urban scenes and pasta ingredients and dishes. It’s a great way to have a great time in Pisa, a fine and immersive alternative to the overcrowded Piazza dei Miracoli and Leaning Tower.

Additionally, Artès’ experiential travel in Italy is highly customizable. That applies to this specific tour as well. Thanks to its vast network of local providers, guides and organizers, Artès is able to meet the needs and desires of customers in Pisa, Tuscany and other places in Italy.

We invite you to check out our catalogue of “stories to live together” to see what we can offer you.