Examples of experiential tourism in Italy you will want to sell immediately

We are always adding new experiential tours to our Artès catalogue, and our Artès catalogue for 2019 is looking great. Artès organises experiential tours all over Italy with our Artès approved experiential tourist operators. We provide an immersive experience to our tourists who want to fully experience the history and culture of Italy in an interactive way. Here are four examples from our catalogue that your customers will certainly find incredibly interesting.

4 great examples of experiential tourism in Italy

  1. Lord Byron arrives at Ca’ Zen

Lord Byron is arriving at the Venetian villa of countess Guiccioli. You are the head butler and the countess has asked you to make sure the villa is prepared for the arrival of the famous poet. She is very eager that everything should go well, and that Lord Byron’s stay is perfect. Our Artès tourist operator Luigi will guide you through this story, and the world of the wealthy nobility from the early 1800s. Luigi is also an expert on the flora and fauna of the Delta Po River and he will bring you on a photographic hunt of this region so that you experience the beautiful untouched landscape. You will also learn about horse grooming, and craft a local “ocarina” which is a traditional clay whistle. This six hour long experiential tour will finish off with a celebratory aperitif. The Lord Byron tour experience is a great option for everyone interested in Romanticism, poetry, and nature.

2. On the hunt for Giuseppe Verdi’s lost note

This experiential tour is aimed at children up to 12 years of age. Giuseppe Verdi has lost his notes and needs help to find them again. Artès experiential tour operator Silvia will guide you through Milan and you will learn all about the great composer, and find his notes so he can make music again! There are two options for this tour, one last 3 hours while the other last 6 hours. You will visit the Scala Theatre and the Delfini fountain. On the longer tour, you will also visit the Conservatory in Milan, and then travel by tram to the Ricordi music school where you will receive a music lesson from a maestro. And who knows, seeing as you helped Verdi find his notes again, perhaps he will show up in person to thank you! This experiential tour is perfect for your musical customers.

 3. Escaping from the pirates of Portofino

It is the 13th century and pirates are terrorizing the Ligurian coast. Artès experiential tour operator Silvia sees the pirates approaching and will help you escape to safety! Because the pirates are approaching you have to run to the mountains and find a safe refuge in the forest. As you move through the forest Silvia will point out the local herbs and plants, and explain how to use them in the kitchen. You will also learn how to prepare “pesto alla genovese” according to the traditional recipe – one of Italy’s most mysterious secrets! Silvia will then bring you down to the secret beach of Porto Fino where those managed to escape from the pirates will celebrate the “Per Grazia Ricevuta” near the antique church of San Giorgio. This trek through the forest and down the mountain onto the beach will provide superb photo opportunities, and is a must for everyone interested in traditional Italian cuisine.

4. Celtic dance to save Cordenons from the Roman army

The Roman army is on the way to massacre the Celtic people of Cordenons in Friuli Venezia Giulia. They only know one way to avert this disaster, and that is to ask the gods for help. Artès tour operator Paola will guide you through this story as you dance to beg the gods for help in your hour of need. Traditional costumes and make-up, along with the help of magical amulets will, hopefully, convince the gods to smile upon you and stop the Roman army from destroying the Celtic people. A professional Celtic dancer will teach you how to dance like the Celts of Cordenons, and there will also be traditional music played live by a Celtic band. This is a perfect experiential tour for those who love history, dancing, and saving traditional peoples from the might of the Roman army.

World of choice for travel agents

Those are just four examples of experiential tours Artès offers. There are many more in our catalogue which we invite you to peruse at your leisure. We are sure that there is something for everyone to enjoy and experience.