Marco Polo and the merchants of Venice

National Geographic Europe has commissioned Dr. Minù Minelli, one of the leading Venetian experts on Marco Polo, to put together a team of specialists to get a scoop about the organization of a commercial trip by sea using the ancient boats in use at the Republic of Venice. For the selection of the team of experts, preference shall be given to people who will stand out in their curiosity and interest in exploring the Venetian entrepreneurial genius developed over the centuries thanks to merchant trade.
Join the team too! Minù is waiting for you with the map to find out how Venetian merchants built their boats and prepared themselves for expeditions along the Mediterranean routes.
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The Knights who freed the Val D’Orcia from Ghino di Tacco

1400: Ghino di Tacco holds the territory in check preventing the kitchens of the village being supplied. The Lord of the village hires a handful of valiant knights to recover food and feed the population. The knights, through the fields of the Val d’Orcia, run through less traveled streets, without being found by the terrible Ghino. They can in this way get everything they need to celebrate the success of the mission after they return to the village.
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Lord Byron arrives at Cà Zen

I am writing to you in a hurry because I have just learned that Lord Byron will be a guest for a few days at our wonderful Cà Zen Venetian Villa. I have authorized Silvia, our housekeeper, to double the servants and spare expense, because I want to be sure of making a welcome worthy of our family. So, I invite you to present yourself at the servants’ lounge and guarantee your utmost commitment right now, so that every detail is taken care of perfectly in preparation of the arrival of this illustrious guest.
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From the Middle Ages the true story of the legendary “Pastissada”

Francesca, an expert blogger of medieval cuisine, has discovered that the “Pastissada de Caval”, a typical dish of Verona, based on horse meat, finds its origins even in the ancient battle between King Odoacer and King Theodoric of 489 AD. The news is so striking that she decides to convene in Verona all the friends who share her same passion, to recreate and publish in real time on the blog photos, videos and details of the historical facts that can be recovered from the artistic finds hidden in the city and from the legends that are still handed down among cooks and sommeliers from Verona.
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