Celebrate the arrival of King Umberto I in Lecce among shops, palaces and banquets

In 1889, King Umberto I and Prime Minister Francesco Crispi came to Lecce to inaugurate some important monuments. To celebrate the memory of this historic event, the Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane asked Fabio to put together a group of passionate volunteers to coordinate the production of an article and the preparation of a commemorative aperitif.
Fabio is waiting for you in Piazza Carducci, bring all your motivation together with lots of curiosity and creativity.

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JoynPlayce: how to sell Experiential Travel

How to sell experiential travel? We all know that it is not easy to propose original and high-quality experiential products to clients.
Sometimes the price can be frightening and we don’t have the right resources to explain the value, the professionality, the effort and the distinctiveness behind the product. Experiential travel is not easy to sell. … Read More

JoynPlayce, the brand of the Italian Storyliving Experience

JoynPlayce is the brand which unites all the Stories to Live Together, a new kind of Italian travel experience where we put together entertainment and education with a gamification approach. Each experience has been created together with talented collaborators all around Italy who have been professionally trained by the Storyliving Experience framework. … Read More

How to create a professional experiential tourism product: 5 examples from Veneto Region, Italy

The rise of experiential tourism in Italy is undeniable. There’s even an entire event dedicated to this ever-growing niche in the travel industry: the BITESP Experiential Tourism Trade Show. So, … Read More

How JoynPlayce is giving new life to Italy as a destination thanks to Experiential Tourism

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BITESP 2019: the events you cannot miss in experiential tourism

After a hugely successful and acclaimed first edition, the BITESP will take place once again in 2019. This International Experiential Travel Trade Show will take place from November 25 through … Read More

BITESP 2019: why you should participate in this experiential travel trade show in Italy

BITESP 2019 is a major experiential tourism trade show dedicated to experiential tourism in Italy. This includes everything from hiking and other outdoor food to agritourism, food tourism, wellness retreats … Read More

JoynPlayce and BITESP for the development of experiential tourism in Italy

After the tremendously successful first edition, the BITESP will take place once again this year. This International Experiential Travel Trade Show will be held in Venice from November 25 through … Read More

Sicily: 2 experiential tourism Stories that American incoming operators already love

The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily grows in popularity as a travel destination every year. Especially Americans of Italian (Sicilian) descent get more and more interested in visiting … Read More

What Should Not Be Missing in Your Next Experiential Travel Package in Italy – Part 1

The rise of experiential tourism is one of the most noteworthy travel trends this year. More and more travelers seek out fun experiences rather than fancy hotels or exotic beach … Read More
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