BITESP 2019: the events you cannot miss in experiential tourism

After a hugely successful and acclaimed first edition, the BITESP will take place once again in 2019. This International Experiential Travel Trade Show will take place from November 25 through 27 in Venice. As one of the leading organizations of experiential tourism in Italy, JoynPlayce has been chosen as the Training of Innovation Partner of BITESP 2019.

Now, in this article, we’ll explain the three main events organized by JoynPlayce at BITESP 2019. 

BITESP 2019 Experiential Tourism Trade Show Events You Shouldn’t Miss

This experiential tourism trade show is all about experiential travel, including everything from hiking and other outdoor sports to agritourism, food tourism, wellness retreats and shopping tours, so our activities will be related to that.

1. Forum – Travel Academy Experience

The Artès Travel Academy is a training event designed for the hospitality and tourism sector. Specifically, it caters to various industry professionals, including owners and managers of hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, farmhouses, wellness accommodations, as well as travel agents and employees.

Additionally, it will cover all kinds of different passions and niches in experiential tourism in Italy. From arts and crafts to food, wine and culture to spirituality and nature, everything will be represented at the show. This, again, indicates the enormous potential this event has for you as a travel provider or agent.

During those three days, our courses will offer interested visitors some invaluable training and professional updates, and teach them new marketing strategies that follow new travel trends.

The focus will be the ever-expanding experiential travel niche, with in-depth information about marketing tourism products, social media, digital innovation, online marketing and so on.

The Travel Academy Experience program will consist of two separate sections. One is dedicated to Digital Marketing and is managed by MM-ONE. We at Artès take care of the second section: the Storyliving Experience Theatre.

BITESP 2019 Experiential Tourism Trade Show events2. Storyliving Experience Theatre

Our Storyliving Experience Theatre will tell attendees everything and anything they’d like to know about experiential tourism in Italy. It will take place in a large and centrally located area at BITESP 2019, featuring a platform where a selection of Storyliving products will be presented.

Various experiential animations will cover a range of examples of what experiential tourism in Italy can be (and already is!). A number of local suppliers will tell their story and introduce their product.

Since this concerns experience-based travel, it wouldn’t be appropriate if there weren’t any hands-on activities, too. The presenters will involve and engage the audience in a multi-sensory experience.

All three days will have a different program featuring a few other local experiential travel providers from various Italian regions, from a Venetian tour guide and a gondola singer to a wine connoisseur to a Murano glass expert.

Participating in the events of the StoryLiving Experience Theatre at BITESP 2019 is a great advantage not only for tour operators or incoming agencies looking for original products to offer to their customers, but also for all those tourism professionals who want to differentiate, innovate and professionalize their offerings.

3. Travel Experience Festival and Awards

The Travel Experience Festival and Awards celebrate and honor the creativity and professionalism of experiential tourism in Italy. This event showcases the experiential videos of various providers, in which they present the immersive experiences they can offer tourists.

All experiential tour operators in Italy can participate in this fun event. Each entry will be shown on social media where votes can be cast. The ten most popular videos will then be screened during the final event at BITESP 2019. They’ll be judged by a panel of sector journalists and bloggers.

Ultimately, the Travel Experience Awards 2019 will be awarded on November 26. They are awards for the most exciting experience, the most memorable locations with the most special features, and the most experiential tourist facility.

Again, this is an experiential tourism trade show and, as such, it’s a themed event. In 2019, that theme is Mardi Gras in Venice, which is a storyliving format designed by JoynPlayce. Participants will partake in a lively event about Venetian Carnival, complete with dancing, entertainment, and buffets with regional specialties.

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