Beyond the superstition of Mefitis

Beyond the Superstition of Mefitis

Salerno – Campania

Where it takes place

Oliveto Citra (SA)

Meeting Place

Piazza Garibaldi
in front of the fountain


on foot


from 4 to 6 hours


Nature, geology, archaeology, traditions and local culture, local food and wine, stories of locals


According to the needs of cost and duration for families, individuals and groups up to 25 people.

The Story to live Together

Around the phenomenon of the “mofete”, natural gas fumes of Oliveto Citra, legends and many fears have arisen over the millennia. Marzia, an expert geologist of the association “Mefitis”, has decided to start a scientific investigation to remove once and to do this she needs a team of scholars from various disciplines including geologists, archaeologists, and naturalists.

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Marzia, Experiential Tourism Operator

Hello, my name is Marzia, I am a geologist and teacher of natural sciences. During my work, I often came across the phenomenon of mofetas and its historical and archaeological implications rooted for millennia, such as the cult and superstition of the goddess Mefitis from which the name mofeta derives. Join me in Oliveto Citra; with scientific knowledge, we will conquer all superstitions!

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Marzia Spera

What we can do together

  • From the Belvedere of Oliveto Citra, Marzia introduces the mission
  • In the church of the Madonna delle Grazie, the expert archaeologist Maria Rosaria leads the discovery of the cult of the goddess Mefitis among the icons dedicated to the Virgin Mary
  • We meet Mario, a loc professor in forest sciences, who tells about the local flora and fauna and the anecdotes on the Masciare (healer witches)
  • At the Vecchio Mulino and the San Sisto sulfur spring, the team studies and carries out experiments on the mofete
  • At the Oleificio di Polidoro dell’Orto we present the material collected, the achievement is celebrated with the cult of oil that gives its name to Oliveto Citra
  • Delivery of the certificate of participation, toast, and celebrations with a tasting of local products

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Please Note

Minors must be accompanied by an adult, minimum age 8 years old.
Report on request any allergies and/ or intolerances.
We recommend comfortable clothing and hiking shoes.

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