Become an actor at the Shakespearean festival of Verona

Become an actor

at the Shakespearean festival in Verona

Verona – Veneto

Where it takes place


Meeting point

Arena of Verona,
via Dietro Anfiteatro


on foot


from 2 to 4 hours


Art, acting, history of theatre, Shakespeare, historical places of Verona


According to the needs of cost and duration for adults, families and groups up to 15 people. Suitable for school groups

The Story to live together

The G.A.D. Renato Simoni’s theatre company of Verona is looking for new actors for the next edition of the annual Shakespearean Festival of Verona. Cecilia is the assistant director of the company and this year she had the idea to carry out the casting by testing passionates about international theater, making them act on the natural stage of the most beautiful historical places in Verona and concluding at the Roman Theater. If you love Shakespeare’s theater, the beauty of Verona will help you immerse yourself in his art.
It will be more exciting than you think, so, go to the Verona Arena where Cecilia is waiting for you with the script to help you overcome the casting, even if only for a small part.

Cecilia, Experiential Tourism Operator

Hi, I’m Cecilia, theater expert and amateur actress. With me you will be able to try your hand at vocalization tests and theatrical techniques on the big natural stage of Verona, home of the well-known Shakespearean “Romeo and Juliet” and location for the important theatrical Festival dedicated to the great English playwright.

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What we can do together

  • Meeting with Cecilia alongside the Arena wing to introduce the casting program
  • Vocalization tests in front of the Arena
  • Acting tests on Castelvecchio bridge
  • The rehersal continues among the places of Shakespearian inspiration in Verona with excerpts from Romeo and Juliet, The Taming of the Shrew, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet and others
  • Moving to the Roman Theater for the audition with the director of the theater company
  • Evaluation of the performance and delivery of admissions to the Festival for those who will be selected
  • Toast and celebrations in a typical diner

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Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
Please inform us of any food intolerance or allergy in advance.

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