JoynPlayce and BITESP for the development of experiential tourism in Italy

After the tremendously successful first edition, the BITESP will take place once again this year. This International Experiential Travel Trade Show will be held in Venice from November 25 through 27. As one of the leading organizations of experiential tourism in Italy, JoynPlayce has been chosen as the Training of Innovation Partner of BITESP 2019.

JoynPlayce and BITESP partner up to promote experiential tourism in Italy. You can read more about it here

What is BITESP 2019?

BITESP 2019 is a major travel trade show dedicated to experiential travel, including everything from hiking and other outdoor sports to agritourism, food tourism, wellness retreats and shopping tours. Basically, it covers all possible kinds of travel experiences in Italy.

The 2019 event will be split up into two different parts, the exhibition area on one side and the tourism workshop for sellers and international buyers on the other. Networking activities and scheduled meetings will offer an abundance of opportunities for travel companies, agents, industry professionals and providers to get to know each other and, hopefully, create new partnerships.

The JoynPlayce and BITESP partnership explained

BITESP 2019 is the result of a mutually beneficial collaboration between two protagonists of experiential tourism in Italy.

On the one hand, there’s us, JoynPlayce, born from a group of passionate and visionary partners led by Maurizio Testa. With the ambitious goal of developing a high-quality experiential tourism product throughout Italy, which supports and is supported by local communities, JoynPlayce has designed and launched their signature product: the “story to live together”. This has grown to a model format for experiential tourism.

On the other hand, BITESP is a company with over 20 years of experience in commercial tourism development and the organization of trade fairs and sector events. Leonardo Surico, the CEO of International Group, realized the potential of experiential tourism in Italy many years ago.

In 2018, he put together the first edition of this experiential travel trade show in Italy, which was an immediate success. That inaugural event attracted about 2,500 visitors, including both Italian and foreign buyers and sellers, who connected through various workshops.

During careful market studies and research on the different operators and agents, Artès always appeared as the first Italian operator of experiential tourism when it comes to innovation and professionalism. This is why Leonardo decided to invite Maurizio Testa to participate in the first BITESP.

Now, Maurizio and Leonardo discuss projects, ideas, exchange and reciprocity. There is a unique harmony and desire to work together to promote and grow experiential tourism in Italy. This includes involving public and private companies that already offer experiential tours in Italy or are interested in doing so. It also means introducing the successful Artès model to the greater experiential travel public.

Why incoming tour operators should attend BITESP 2019

This event draws in thousands of travel experts, from tour operators and travel agencies to tourism associations, wineries, farmhouses, accommodations and other industry professionals.

The potential benefits of spending three days networking in Venice from November 25 through 27 are enormous. Various events, programs, seminars, workshops and meetings are offered to enhance participants’ chances of finding the perfect new partner(s) for their business.

Experiential tourism in Italy has been on the rise for a few years and now is the ideal time to jump on the bandwagon. This travel trade show is unique because you’re able to find some very specific and local travel options here.

So, consider attending BITESP 2019 for unparalleled opportunities to expand or improve your business.

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