A travel agent’s guide to experiential tourism in Italy

By now, most travel agent’s are not only aware of experiential tourism, but they also understand that this niche market is growing, how much potential it has to develop further, and how it is a form of tourism that will become ever more popular as we move forward. There are a lot of opportunities in the area of experiential tourism for several reasons. The two biggest reasons influencing the increase in interest in experiential tourism are the fact that people want more out of their holiday experience, and because it is a form of sustainable tourism which helps to fight against the worst effects of mass tourism. And due to all of these factors combining, it is a market constantly in flux with new products coming out all the time, especially in Italy, one of the pioneering countries in this area, and this is why it is crucial that travel agents work closely with a trusted partner to help them navigate the market in experiential tourism. We at Artès are in a position to be the guide that you as a travel agent will need when offering your clients experiential products and packages.

Experiential tourism in Italy

Experiential tourism has really taken off in Italy. 2018 was a very good year for experiential tourism in Italy, and it looks like 2019 will be even better! Italy is one of the best destinations for experiential tourism, and offers a wide range of products within this niche market including products that involve culture, cuisine, and the great outdoors. So it is important that travel agents invest time and energy in experiential tourism, while working with a trusted partner to assist them.

How to sell experiential tourism products

The marketplace in experiential tourism offers a lot of opportunities but there are also challenges. The market is now worth over 40 billion euro, but is in a constant state of flux. And because the market is always changing travel agencies are well served when working with a trusted partner like us. Thanks to our expertise and network, we, at Artès, can help you to promote and sell experiential tourism products to your clients.

And we can do this throughout the year. We have experiential tours for the entire year, and we can even help you market great ideas to your clients during the winter months too.

Examples of successful experiential tourism products in Italy

As we have just mentioned we at Artès have experiential products you can offer your clients throughout the year – including winter – but we also have a presence all over Italy. We have great experiential and story-living products in the most famous regions in Italy like Tuscany and Veneto. However, we also have experiential products in lesser known, out of the way little towns and villages which could appeal to those clients of yours who want to experience a place they, perhaps, have never heard of. This approach is in keeping with sustainable tourism. Directing tourists to less well visited, yet highly interesting places is one way experiential tourism can work to reduce the effects of mass tourism, but it also helps in the big cities, like Venice for example.

Artès: your partner for experiential tourism in Italy

We have a relation approach to experiential tourism which is why we call our method Stories to Live Together. Our method really allows people to connect to the locality, both the people, and its traditions, culture, cuisine and wine! Offering our products to your clients will mean that your travel agency will really stand out from the increasing crowd when in comes to truly experiential tourism in Italy. Visit our site and feel free to peruse our extensive catalogue for more information. We believe that will you be impressed with our extensive range of experiential tourism offers.