1818: the Fratta Carbonara and the bread crisis

1818: Fratta Carbonara

and the bread crisis

Rovigo – Veneto

Where it takes place

Fratta Polesine, Rovigo

Meeting point

Bar 3 Corone,
Piazza Matteotti 1


by bicycle  


from 2 to 6 hours


History of Polesine, Carbonari motions, Italian history, Venetian rowing, art of bread making


According to the needs of cost and duration for adults, families, individuals and groups up to 12 people. Suitable for larger groups

The Story to live together

1818, Fratta Polesine. The Austrian police set up checkpoints in the city streets to obstruct the supply of food to the citizens, so Enrico, the great Carbonaro master of Fratta, is recruiting the most daring to overcome the roadblocks and deliver the precious foodstuffs to the population.

So, it’s your time, join the Carbonari! Enrico is waiting for you in the shadow of the old mill to organize the uprising.

Enrico, Experiential Tourism Operator

Hi, I’m Enrico, environmental cultural animator, museum guide and citizen DOC of Fratta. I will take you with me to discover the rituals, symbols and characteristics of the Carbonari of Fratta in a trip through 19th century Italy. You will also knead bread from the 19th century with your own hands and learn the secrets of Venetian rowing.

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What we can do together

  • Meeting with Enrico for the secret ritual of initiation to the Carbonari, definition of the action plan to organize the revolt and feed the citizens
  • Incursion to Villa Avezzù, or Villa Venon, searching for Count Oroboni
  • Trip through the wonderful and peaceful Polesana plain to the ancient mill where bread for our mission will be prepared
  • A master boatman will teach us the Venetian rowing, which will be useful to us to get around the Austrian checkpoint
  • Bread is secretly transported by boat: mission complete!
  • Return to Fratta passing by the ancient Venetian Villas and of Palladio, toasts, celebrations and … surprise!

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Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
Please inform us of any food intolerance or allergy in advance.

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